Bouldering Introduction

Bouldering is reckoned to be one of the fastest growing sports and is a type of low-level climbing limited in height to 4-5m and practiced above foam matting. It is a great entry point to climbing, whether you are starting out with a few friends or on your own, because you don’t need to use a rope or undergo any specialist safety training to have a go. 

Sociable and dynamic, bouldering makes exercising motivating and fun and giving you a full body workout that is far more engaging than typical gym routines. Regular practice will improve your body dynamics, suppleness, power and strength and it’s a great stress buster too. All of our bouldering is graded according to difficulty with colour-coded holds, making it effortless to select challenges that are appropriate to your level and ability.

Keep in shape, distract yourself from the pressures of everyday life and most importantly, have fun whilst you’re doing it.


£18 per person, 1 hour max, min 18 years

£25 family group, 1 hour max