Learn to lead courses

What’s included?
  • Comprehensive introduction to lead climbing
  • 4 hours of instruction with 2 x 2-hour sessions
  • Private instruction option available
  • Price includes climbing centre entry fees

You should be both a confident top rope climber and top rope belayer before enrolling on this course – feel free to speak to a member of staff if you are uncertain.

If you’ve mastered belaying and developed a head for heights, the next step to progress your climbing is by learning how to lead climb.

About lead climbing:
Compared to top-roping, lead climbing is often considered to be a more exciting and satisfying way to climb. Being  able to competently lead climb will provide you with the opportunity to use the full range of roped climbing available at Ingleton Wall, and start you on your way towards sport and trad climbing.

Our Introduction to Lead Climbing course will introduce you to lead climbing by gently building confidence in both your own ability and the equipment involved as the course progresses.

Our comprehensive syllabus includes everything you need to know about indoor lead climbing and covers the skills and psychological preparations required for lead climbing.

£60 per person min age 18 years – min 2 people

Please contact us to book a session.  Ingletonwall@gmail.com